Articulated Boom Rental

If you are searching for both a low-cost service and a high-quality product, Hi Reach’s articulated boom rental has come to save your day.

We offer a wide variety of boom lifts for sale or for rent, each one of them designed to meet your demands regardless of the nature of your project.

Moreover, we are proud to have one of the largest pools of articulated booms in the whole state of Illinois, where boom lifts of all sizes are available at the reach of a click.

What is an articulated boom?

An articulated boom is a type of mobile crane with a crawler undercarriage on its base that allows it to access difficult places. In addition, a lattice crane or a telescopic crane is usually incorporated into its base to handle loads.

This type of equipment, also called crawler cranes, is used to perform jobs with complicated access or where the terrain is difficult and other cranes cannot maneuver. On the other hand, due to their structure, they can handle quite a lot of weight, reaching a load power of more than 200 t.

Articulated boom lift rental

In Hi Reach, there are available articulated boom lifts for rent to carry out the most demanding works up to 180 t. In fact, we offer our services in different sectors and for multiple operations that require the technology of this type of mobile cranes.

We work to give our customers the best possible service. Therefore, in each operation, we use the most suitable equipment that best suits each circumstance. On many occasions, due to the fact that the places where the works are carried out are difficult to access, our boom lift is rented.

We rent articulated booms for different types of services, from the assembly of structures in difficult terrain or with high load requirements, unloading operations in ports, construction of infrastructures to support together with other self-propelled cranes. Each specific could require a particular type of boom, which is why we also offer electric boom lift rentals to all of our clients.

Characteristics of an articulated boom

There are dozens of different types of boom lifts. In particular, articulated ones are a very specific type designed specially to solve the problems encountered by other types of cranes when it was necessary to enter complicated accesses.

In this way, the crawler base was added to a conventional crane, thus allowing access to places where it was previously very difficult. In addition, thanks to this advance, the boom lift was endowed with another main feature: its stability. Thanks to its sturdy base, it allows it to operate with large loads with less counterweight than conventional cranes.

Moreover, assembly is simpler, even allowing self-assembly on site. An additional advantage is also the flexible configuration of the boom, allowing the addition of jibs that increase the crane’s maneuverability.

If you want to understand more about what these products can mean to your project and how you can get a hand on them, reach out to our team to create a great budget designed for you!

Articulated Boom Rental

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