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Building Louvers

Building Louvres

Anyone who knows anything about Louver design 101 knows that louvers create resistance in airflow that lets airstreams in but keeps water, particulates, and debris out. The idea behind louvers is to protect your interiors and create a successful environment for your facility.

Depending on the type of your ventilation system, you could opt for either exhaust louvers or intake louvers. You could even use both. Exhaust louvers are designed to be placed at the exhaust exit to allow venting of contaminated air while preventing dust and rain from getting in. Intake louvers, on the other hand, are stationed at the intake areas of ventilation systems, and they are designed to let in clean, cool air while keeping debris and water out.

Here are the benefits of using louvers in industrial ventilation systems:


Louvers can come in practically any shape or size to fit your ventilation system. They can also be stationary or adjustable, depending on your needs. Stationary louver blades stay at the same angle for water drainage and debris barriers.

On the flip side, adjustable louvers can be adjusted (manually or by motor) to give you the flexibility and control you need for your ventilation systems.


Metal louvers like steel louvers are extremely durable and can serve you for as long as possible.

Contaminant-Free Air Flow

The idea behind industrial ventilation systems is to improve airflow. But that should not come at the cost of contaminants like rain or dust coming in. Dust can settle on equipment, floors, and other surfaces and lead to premature equipment breakdown and accidents. Likewise, moisture from rain can ruin interior surfaces and encourage mold growth. Louvers can keep these contaminants out and eliminate these issues.


Architectural louvers have aesthetic value and can make your warehouse look great. Depending on the material used in making the louvers, they can accept different coatings. With the right color and finish, they can make your industrial building look great while being functional.

Where To Get The Best Louvers for Your Industrial Ventilation Systems

Eldridge supplies high-quality, high-performance louvers for your ventilation needs. We work with Arrow United Industries to supply high-quality louvers for your industrial ventilation system. So we can easily supply a large range of louvers for industrial, commercial, marine, and architectural applications.

We even offer acoustic louvers(also known as privacy louvers), which are louvers with acoustic linings for noise control in industrial ventilation systems.

Contact us for Custom Industrial Ventilation Design

Beyond louvres, we understand that a well-designed ventilation system is crucial to the smooth operations of any manufacturing or processing facility. Without a well-planned design, the premises can easily become unconducive for workers while also having a negative impact on the products.

Importantly, we also understand that different industries may have different requirements. That’s why our design process starts with listening to our clients’ needs and understanding their expectations. Afterward, we use our proprietary Fluid Flow Analysis software to know how much air the ventilation system will move and then come up with the appropriate design. Contact us today and we’ll be glad to discuss your needs.



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Building Louvers

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